New Year New plans and rant about The Allotment Challenge TV Show…

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This is the year we had to give up our smaller plot we dubbed ‘un petite plot’. However we did get a half plot right next ours at the allotment site. So our ‘grande’ allotment plot has become even ‘muy grande’. We have big big plans which I will be updating weekly.

On to my rant after watching this show…..

The Allotment Challenge has to be one of the most infuriating shows EVER. For starters I don’t get how you are supposed to be able to effectively run an allotment when you don’t live near the plot itself? I looked at the application form for this and ‘allotment’ is somewhere in Reading. It said the production company would pay for travel expenses. So yeah I don’t get how that’s fair to any contestant who doesn’t live near the area.

Last night’s challenges were a joke! Honestly why oh why would you ever need to do candelabra flower arrangement! Almost all of the allomenteers I have met do it for for the love of the veg and soil not so you can get picture perfect blooms for a flower arrangement! Flowers look lovely in the ground! Most ¬†of the flowers grown on our site are wild meadow flowers that are great for pollinators not so much the ‘show’ flowers.

The last challenge where they get to make their own food is a bit better but then the judge is all like ‘You used store bought chick peas!’. Seriously! Normal people don’t grow their own chickpeas and dry them in order to grind them into a paste ( I apologise in advance to anyone who does grow their own chickpeas…and dries them…..and grinds them into a paste).

Rant over! Resolution is to watch the first third of the show ONLY, to see info about the varieties of veg they are growing. That’s the show’s saving grace, certainly not the lack of chemistry between the presenter and the judges (Mel and Sue from GBBO spoiled me)

That’s all for now!